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The Dan Smoot Report, 1966: “A Constitutional Republic…”

A Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy…are we… “The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. In this century, great strides have been made toward the goal of subverting our republic, and transforming it into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is subversion of “language” — by calling America a democracy, until people […]

Hacking…it NEVER stops, when your content is astoundingly unique AND globally helpful

After 39 years of computing, I’ve learned a thing or two about the hacker/script kiddy mind…and, oh boy, it’s going to be fun when they come knocking again… It’s been a couple of months since this website was rebooted. What that means is that I backed up EVERYTHING…all downloads, themes, tools, html, javascript, all databases… […]

What it takes to keep this site online

An Update :: The SurvivalRing website is back up, as of 05/30/22, and backend work is still ongoing.. Granted, it’s missing thirteen years of content, but it’s ok…really. I had my host tech support move my account from my previous shared server to a more secure server. Don’t worry. Absolutely EVERYTHING has been fully backed […]