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Winter 2.0 :: NOW is the winter of discontent…well, every year…but especially this year …

ground covered with snow

Normal Winter seasons cold and snowy…and then there’s Wyoming… Winter has been banging on our doors here the last two weeks. Then, outside today to make three trips (and another in a bit)  to daughter’s home with hot food and a run to the grocery store for electrolytes and other sundry items. Seems she and […]

First week of November…Snowstorms tomorrow…Now is the Winter of our DISCOUNT tents…

Catching Up is Hard To Do… Beginning of the Fall… The summer of 2022 was rather uneventful, but things are starting to heat up…at the beginning of winter… Discount tents…yeah… I just picked up a Coleman 8 person tent, by trading two leather jackets I’ve had for a few years, bought for $10 each at […]

SouthernPrepper1, and today’s report…and some updates on natural disasters…in ancient history.

Wyoming winter in central Wyoming.

We all know that our current world paradigm is going to hell in a handbasket, and tens of thousands (if not millions) of talking heads on Youtube, Vimeo, and the rest of the video sites provide a platform to certain …uhm… neophytes, or better yet, acolytes, that see a personal religious requirement to yell from […]

Hacking…it NEVER stops, when your content is astoundingly unique AND globally helpful

After 39 years of computing, I’ve learned a thing or two about the hacker/script kiddy mind…and, oh boy, it’s going to be fun when they come knocking again… It’s been a couple of months since this website was rebooted. What that means is that I backed up EVERYTHING…all downloads, themes, tools, html, javascript, all databases… […]

What it takes to keep this site online

An Update :: The SurvivalRing website is back up, as of 05/30/22, and backend work is still ongoing.. Granted, it’s missing thirteen years of content, but it’s ok…really. I had my host tech support move my account from my previous shared server to a more secure server. Don’t worry. Absolutely EVERYTHING has been fully backed […]