The Dan Smoot Report, 1966: “A Constitutional Republic…”

A Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy…are we…

“The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. In this century, great strides have been made toward the goal of subverting our republic, and transforming it into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is subversion of “language” — by calling America a democracy, until people thoughtlessly accept the term, and use the term. Totalitarians have obscured the real meanings and principles of American government.”

Dan Smoot

What a great video!

I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago on FascistBook. I think you will want to hear it yourself, and then share it as widely as possible.

First, a question. Do YOU believe the United States is a democracy…in ANY way. If you do, prepare to be educated.

Your comments would be most welcome…

My dear wife Annie and I, married a year back then, still together 40 years later…

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