Script kiddies, bad actors, and imbeciles…Say Hi to the recent hackers…

Why are WE a target, from all over the planet?

Yes, SurivalRing has been rebooted from scratch. And no, not a single thing was lost. But why would thousands of morons from around the world want to try to stop me from doing what I’ve been doing for 25 years now?

Is it because of hackers, script kiddies, bots, and an extensive, massed collection of worldwide evil-doers? This has been going on ever since I first put my web pages online, all the way back to the mid-nineties. Is it because I’ve been sharing real, honest-to-God government-created survival information? Possibly. Is it because they were jealous of something that they could not do themselves? Maybe.

Here we are, in the second week of February 2023, and yet DAILY I have to deal with hackers trying to break into the backend of this website, even though I block every attempt of their trying to brute force their way into the “good stuff”. I get emails with every failed attempt to gain access, with their IP address (, usernames (some of the most simpleton variations), country of origin (I’ve blocked dozens including Russia, China, most middle eastern nations, and more), and more. Here’s an example of the email I get…

Who They Are…

They…are all over the world. They…exist in almost every nation. They…need any computer…or smartphone. They…don’t care what havoc they wreak on unsuspecting (or suspecting) webmasters. They…want free stuff…or notoriety. They…are simply LOSERS. Fuck’em all. 

In the last 40 years (yes, going back to 1983 when I was running dialup BBS systems), the hacks existed even then. The first few were friends I thought I could trust…until I learned I couldn’t. Then, community members seeing what they could get away with… until they couldn’t. There will ALWAYS be attempts to destroy the honest work of folks who do good things because THAT’S who they are. 

Getting on the internet in 1995 only made the threats so much more widespread. But, I was learning with each passing day how these dipwads never, ever stopped. 


Where They’re From

Every nation you think would be an enemy of the freedom and liberty of America. Yeah, who knew?

Here are a few pages just from the last several days of hack attempts, with each IP address being permanently blocked …

I’ve seen multiple attempts with the same username (even non-existent users) try to log in from a dozen different IP addresses from all over the world, and because of my security settings, not gotten in ONCE. These attempts irk me to no end, but it comes with the territory for a quarter-century-old website. I’m now using AI to block these trolls…and it’s working.

Registration neon signageI’ve also turned off the REGISTER link because once hackers know what content management system you’re using for your website, there are prewritten hack scripts that will try to break in. I’ll set up a page for folks who want access to supporter-only content, but because of the daily hacks, it will most likely be a subscription model. 

What They Want

Free stuff, keys to the gate, privacy info, free downloads, to mess with minds, to be assholes (of which ALL of these pricks are really good at).

My job is to stop them…and I’m quite good at it now.

How I’m stopping them…and why you should care...

The CMS I’m using, I’ve been using for projects for 19 years now. I’m running a half dozen software tools on the backend that STOP these nimrods from gaining access. I’m permanently blocking their IP address, their usernames, and even whole countries…because I have to. It’s par for the course. My desktop is also healthily locked down, with a broadband approach to keep the losers at bay. 

By keeping things locked tight, I can allow access to who and where I want. Yeah, it’s inconvenient at times, but it sure beats the alternative. 

brown padlock on brown wooden surface

Secure Yourself & Your Hardware

Use the most secure browser you can find. Run antimalware and antivirus tools on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Keep them updated. Use a VPN to access your more trusted websites. Set your firewall as tightly as possible on every device. 

I’ve repaired dozens of computers for friends and coworkers over the last 20 years…who had not taken even the first step toward cyber security. The set of tools I use are all FREE. Why? Because they WORK.

Bottom Line…

Our world is on the brink of world war 3. China is sending spy balloons, drones, and more over our sovereign territory. Russia and China are testing our border security. Several other nations are just waiting for things to break loose, so they can get in and get what they want, the moment our attention is turned toward these OTHER potential threats. 

Online, tens of millions of bot networks are trying every computer, every port, every server, and every browser they can get to, to find well-known hacks, vulnerabilities, and “man in the middle” attacks, spoofing well-known financial, e-commerce, or other hooks, they provide them the keys to steal all the data they can. It’s all about the money.

Why It Matters…

If things that are important to all of us are to be valued, someone has to stand up for what is right and just in our world. 

Our current national posture is all about negating the good, providing support to the bad…to cancel justice, investment, truth, and all that is whole and welcome in our world…to replace it with cancel culture, racism, deceit, treachery, and overthrow.

That’s what we’re all seeing now, and have for the last 7 years from the communists and socialists in power. I’ll stay online, as long as I have breath to breathe the truth, whenever and wherever. Being prepared is about creating alternatives to the conspiratorial left-wing shit stirrers. 

Where’s the SURVIVAL stuff?

Once everything is absolutely secure and ready to go, I’ll post ALL the files I’ve had online for nearly twenty years. They’re actually already online, just not linked to. To access this vast library, I’m going to ask you to create a user account, log in, and trust me. I’ve got a quarter century of sharing these types of files, and I’ve NEVER had my past user’s data accessed. 

I’ve also got tens of thousands of pages of raw hardcopy that have NEVER been online, that I’ve collected in the last two decades, and the hardware and software to digitize it ALL. There are very few people who have put the content online that I have since 1997. In supporting this website, you will get access to EVERYTHING…old and new. 

My Signature

Rich Fleetwood, Founder/Owner SurvivalRing…

Be the change you WANT to see. 












Updated: February 13, 2023 — 7:16 pm

The Author

Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of, now in it's 25th year, author/creator of 14 multimedia CD/DVD set known as, (soon to be He's an author, coder, podcaster, multipassionate creative, nature photographer, designer, award winning videographer, loves the outdoors, 6th generation Texan, 3 kids, 5 grandkids, 1 great grandson, married 41 years to his high school sweetheart, loves his family and lives in rural Wyoming... Sharing History is what he does… Study Yesterday...Prepare Today...Live Tomorrow.


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  1. Hey, Rich!

    MEG from SSRsi. Just checking in on you, buddy.

    1. Thanks Mike. I’m doing ok…except for the five feet of snow we’ve received since New Year’s Day (no, it’s no where near the 30 to 60 feet deep snow in the high Sierras of California, but it’s a record winter for southern Wyoming). The cold is brutalizing my old bones and joints…but I’m still vertical.

      As you can see, I’m in the midst of a FULL reboot of the entire site, with all of it backed up on the desktop (70 gigabytes of HISTORY). This time, heavy security first and foremost…and still getting probes and hack attempts hundreds of times a day. Just blocked IP addresses of over 150 hack attempts a few moments ago…most are now trying older user names from years-old posts, but hiding (or attempting to) their tracks by bouncing off of dozens of IP addressed from all over the world. Blocking entire countries now. Seems to help, but every block I do, stops thousands more attempts…since I’m now using AI to record and block their hacks.

      Everything online before, is online again, but the file presentation is completely new and will not generally be open to EVERYONE to freely download. You want 400 gigabytes of files? Need a donation, and a real email address.

      It’s the free stuff before that kicked my butt. After literally 25 years of free access to EVERYTHING, it’s time to get some recompense for that investment of time, college, hosting, domain fees…everything. Included is the $32k I spent (and paid all of it back) for college classes (from 2003 to 2008), and with everything in that shortlist, I’m pushing $60k of investment over the last 30 years, which includes buying close to 1,000 original government created survival manuals and documents covering from now, all the way back to 1941…and its also from all over the world.

      No one else can say that. I’ve added close to 80 books of steam-age technology books, originally published from 1870 to 1925, which will also be added to the library.

      In other words, I’ll keep adding and creating and sharing this info to my dying breath…hopefully for another 40 years or so.

      So…how are YOU doing, old friend?

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